Foundation Feuerwaffen Peter Kunz
The Foundation This nonprofit foundation owns the exhibits in the armory of the Castle Wellenberg The foundation was initiated in 2013 with the aim to preserve, maintain and enlarge the collection of studies which documents the development of fire arms through the years 1200 to 1900. It intends to make this important part of human history available to the public. The Founder Peter Kunz lives in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. For many years, he functioned as head of departments in research development and testing. He has been involved in the study, restoration, reconstruction and use of historical firearms for more than 35 years. His extensive knowledge has been published in a number of books. (See Bookshop in the Armoury) Foundation Council Hubert Zuppiger, Bichwil, (President of the Foundation) Peter Kunz, Schaffhausen, (Founder) Christoph Schenkel, Wellenberg Castle, (Owner of the Castle) Markus Thommen, Kloten, (Expert on firearms) Esther Kunz, Schaffhausen, (Accounting)