16th Century Continuation 3
Ca. 1570: First use of flintlocks with the Spanish snap lock, in the Spanish army. The spark is created by striking a pyrite onto the firing steel combined with the flashpan cover. The mechanism is external. Ca. 1580: Invention of the old German Set Trigger. Ca. 1580: Handgun with 10 loads behind each other in the barrel is tested. Ca. 1580: In southern Germany, so called N├╝rnberg snaphaunce locks are used in small numbers on hunting rifles and pistols. They are replaced by wheel locks and later by flintlocks. Ca. 1580: Handgun with Matchlock and manually rotating loading cylinder. Ca. 1589: Cavalry rifles, the so called carbines, are used in large numbers in the French army for the first time. Ca. 1590: Wender rifles with wheel locks, are manufactured in Germany. Ca. 1590: Indian and Arab gunsmiths manufacture very thin walled, long barrels for the first time. Because of their accu- racy they were very common with the Bedouins. Usually these rifles have a strongly bent, flat stock, decorated with ivory and silver inlays. Early models were equipped with snaphaunce locks.