16th Century Continuation 1 Ca. 1536: In the battle of Arles, soldiers throw hand grenades. 1537: In his scripture ‘Della nuova Scienca’ Tartaglia describes among other things: “ That the trajectory is arched and not straight as presumed until then and that when the powder is burned before the bullet leaves the barrel, the barrel is too long. If a part of the powder is ejected unburned, it is too short.” Ca. 1540: Introduction of breech loading hand cannons, with removable chamber and side swing lock. Ca. 1540: First appearance of revolver or wender systems on firearms with flintlocks. Ca. 1540: Invention of the cheek stock. Ca. 1550: Introduction of paper cartridges containing lead bullets and black powder. Ca. 1550: Invention of the snaphaunce lock.