15th Century Ca. 1400: First appearance of wall guns. 1408: Braunschweig has a cannon the “Faule Metze” that shoots 300 pound rocks. Ca. 1410: Erste Formen des Luntenhahns, Zündloch an die rechte Seite veriegt, Aufkommen der Pulverpfanne. Ca. 1420: Invention of the match: Hemp string of finger thickness, soaked in lead acetate, with the capability of glowing for a long time. Ca. 1420: The technique of sizing black powder grains for even burning is developed. Ca. 1425: Introduction of the wall gun. It has a larger caliber and a longer barrel than the hand cannon. An attached hook was placed over the parapet to absorb the recoil. Ca. 1430: Multi-layered forged iron barrel. Early hand cannon with barrel for-ged from rods in layers. Eight reinforcement rings are shrunk on. Found in the Tiber by Rome, now at the Historic Museum in Berne.