14th Century 1324: The city of Venice contracts the making of Cannoni and iron balls to defend the city. Ca. 1310: Presumably first application of firearms. 1326: I In the two manuscripts ’De Nobilitatibus, Sapientiis et Prudentiis Regum’ and ‘De Secretis Secratorum’of chap- lain Walter de Milemete, written in 1326 for King Eduard III of England, there are illustrations on the edges, depicting armored knights with a hook shaped rod that is held to a vase shaped barrel. Presumably there is glowing coal or moss attached to this rod. Arrows are shot from the muzzle of the vase shaped barrel. This is possibly the oldest illustration of a firearm. 1330-33: Arrows for Cannons in the Castle of Eltz. Ca. 1340: The oldest still existing firearm, the so called Loshult-Büchse was found in the Swedish place of Loshult in 1861. Theodor Jakobson is the first person to refer to the similarities of the Milemete illustration. 1343: Application of iron Lotbüchsen in Toulouse.